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Our aixtream software scales from one to more than 100 simultaneous connections. It runs on almost any hardware platform, from Raspberry Pis to rack servers, and can be installed either as an operating system or in a virtualized environment. This flexibility also means that a wide variety of audio interfaces are supported as PCIe cards or USB interfaces.
If you are unsure whether aixtream is the solution for you, simply ask us for a demo installation!

This version of aixtream offers flexible SIP communication with other SIP ACS or similar broadcast endpoints — both for contribution and bi-directional communication. It follows the EBU standard EBU TECH 3326, can connect to multiple SIP servers at the same time and also allows extensive codec configuration.


Audio streaming, playout and broadcasting solutions in software for any live audio application

Audio streaming for broadcasting and playout is a large and complex area, but with aixtream you're covered. The audio software solution aixtream is our highly customizable, modern, intuitive and user-friendly answer to the needs of all kinds of audio broadcasters. The requirements of program planning and the master control room are met and exceeded as well as those of recording studios and outside broadcasting.



AoIP (Audio-over-IP) with RTP and SIP calls is a classic broadcasting application and this product is the perfect modern solution for it.

Depending on your requirements for the number of PIPEs, it can shine either as a hub system in a large network, for playback or as a platform for simple bidirectional communication. Extensive options and widget support ensure that connecting is as easy as possible.

The simultaneous management of multiple SIP connections is particularly easy and fast thanks to customizable widgets.


Other options on request

You can customize your product even more. Contact us about thishere

See "Additional Available Licenses" on the right for more information.


The main advantages of aixtream for you

  • infinitely scalable audio software solution - from one stream to hundreds
  • Regular software updates with new features in every release - use a solution that just keeps getting better
  • Best value for money thanks to the flexible license model (including license rental) - never pay extra for what you don't need
  • works on all platforms, from barebones NUCs to rack servers, and is also available as virtualization - use the form factor that suits your needs
  • Customizable for your application - don't be constrained by supposed one-size-fits-all solutions
  • Licenses can be transferred as needed - keep what you paid for


PIPE concept — fast, intuitive configuration of audio streams and connections
The PIPE concept makes the configuration of streams and calls easier than ever. A set of elements represents each aspect of the connection. Configuration is as simple as possible with drag-and-drop and detailed settings become possible with a simple click. Even complex connections can be created in a few seconds with a minimum of clicks.

Full input/output matrix — all combinations of inputs/outputs and protocols supported
The PIPE concept also makes it possible to use any input with any other output in the same connection, and aixtream supports all possible combinations. This includes conventional applications such as B. Connection of analogue or digital audio signals, which are then streamed to other devices via RTP, but also more unusual use cases such as gateway functionality, e.g. B. Dante input for SIP calls. No other provider supports so much flexibility. Another benefit of these features is that they often allow you to remove unnecessary hardware from your workflow, as everything can be handled by aixtream alone.

Customizable UI and controls
Every audio streaming and broadcasting application is different and we take that into account. Our aixtream comes with many options to customize the UI and controls according to the use case. So that it runs as quickly and easily as possible for you. This includes a fully customizable dashboard for monitoring and control, as well as multiple filter levels. If you have a special use case, we can make even more in-depth adjustments to aixtream for you.

aixtream SIP software

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  • This Audio Codec Server covers everything you need for successful OTT streaming to CDN in all the formats you want (Icecast, HLS, RTMP). Whether smartphone, kitchen radio or internet browser, all end points are reached.

    We are also particularly proud of our nacamar and Akamai certification.

    We make sure our OTT radio streams meet all requirements and are completely reliable. Connection setup and scheduling is intuitive and comprehensive, with extensive monitoring capabilities and stream management.

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